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Ready to Tackle Your Waste Management Challenges

EnviroWirx is a 7 yard semi-underground or 4.5 yard above ground waste container manufactured and distributed in North America.​


EnviroWirx is designed to solve the common problems associated with traditional waste containment, removal and waste management. 

It has proven successful in property management, fast food, strip malls and parks and recreation applications. ​In addition, these units are a perfect fit for existing real estate, as well as new construction.


4.5 Yard Bin Above Ground

The 4.5 yard EnviroWirx waste container rests on a concrete ring so you don’t have to worry about excavation. Not only does this convenience provide you the savings of excavation and installing barriers, it also allows you the option of placing your container wherever you please!

7 Yard Bin Underground

The semi-underground 7 yard EnviroWirx waste container holds waste underground where temperatures are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Cooler sub-surface temperatures reduce odor emission. Warmer sub-surface temps mitigate freezing.



Canada Office

1027 Industrial Place

St. Clements, Ontario


Tel: 800-663-2803

Fax: 519-699-0027

USA Office

2900 Industrial Park Drive,

Austinburg, OH


Tel: 888-641-3077

Fax: 440-275-3080


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 800-663-2803 (Canada) 888-641-3077 (USA) or fill out the following form

Get a quote: 

800-663-2803 (Canada)

888-641-3077 (USA)

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Tote Locker

Need an ideal solution for hiding unsightly garbage bins? Look no further! The Tote Locker from EnviroWirxTM is perfect for securing your waste containers from the elements and animals. It also works well as a secure storage cabinet, complete with locking handle.​ 


Made from galvanized steel, the Tote Locker is great for commercial properties looking for a clean and attractive solution for storing waste disposal containers. 


Available un-assembled for the do-it-yourself builder, or pre-assembled for immediate use.

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