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It's Clean, Innovative, and it Wirx!

The main features of the EnviroWirx when comparing to other waste containers are:

No special equipment required - The EnviroWirx can be unloaded with traditional front loader garbage trucks. This feature will also save money, as other similar bins require a special boom to unload.

The main lid is secured with a gravity lock, which will automatically unlock when the unit is being unloaded by the garbage truck. There is also access via a key lock, which will deter illegal dumping and to keep the unit safe and secure.

The EnviroWirx is available with a standard waste lid (optional lock) or a recycling lid.

Different Sizes for Different Needs


  • 42% of the 7-yard unit is underground

  • 7 yard unit holds more waste in a smaller footprint than a standard steel dumpster

  • 4.5 yard unit does not require excavation, so can be placed virtually anywhere

  • does not require a fenced enclosure

  • can be installed in visible areas deemed undesireable for steel bins


  • Does not require replacement bags, liners, or parts, meaning no future expenses or unexpected costs

  • Can be picked up by any hauler with front forks, giving you the competitive advantage to shop for a waste hauler that meets your needs

  • 7 yard unit has pay load of 3,300 lbs, meaning fewer bins and less frequent pick ups

  • 4.5 yard unit does not require excavation, eliminating excessive startup costs


  • Secure lid designed to keep wildlife out of the unit

  • Concave ridge surface is deterrent for vandalism
    can be located in high visibility areas, minimizing dumping of unwanted items

  • 7 yard unit holds waste underground, where cooler temperatures reduce odor emissions

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